Bet on your talent and improve yourself!

Learn to know your talent, your emotions and purpose.

“Don’t try to do everything by yourself, but try to connect with people and resources. Having that discipline and perseverance is important.”

Chieu Cao, Co-founder of Perkbox

Reinvent yourself professionally.

Sometimes it is not easy to know what you want; we can have many fears, insecurities, and beliefs that limit our potential.

Therefore, it is important to carry out an introspection process and remember what makes you happy, discover innate talents that you already have, strengthen those that you are already aware of, and develop new ones.

Consequently, a process of reinvention is carried out not only of your professional career but of yourself. It means a complete transformation. That is, it is your time to write and create the life you want to live.

Transition moment

It is essential to know how to go through all the emotions that are experienced in a moment of change and have internal security that you are going to achieve it. That means self-confidence, that you have all the resources you need, and those that you don’t have yet, you are going to get.

Knowing how to manage your time and apply your skills, enhances the development of your professional skills, and improvement of your quality of life will also be observed. 

The main idea is to deconstruct the mental paradigms and unlearn the routine of your activities, to understand what you are looking for in the short and long term.

How does emotional intelligence influence the workplace?

Emotional intelligence can motivate us, gives us the ability to insist on possible frustrations, have control of our impulses, regulate our mood to facilitate coexistence with other people at the family and work level.

It has been shown that 65% of work success is due to good use of emotional intelligence, not only with yourself but with others, applying empathy, being able to influence another, or even being able to persuade (OBS, 2022).

Take care of yourself and find your talent:

  • Analyze yourself, to know what things can make you react emotionally and in what way, to try to improve and change those reactions.
  • Learn to listen. You have to know how to listen when a colleague raises a problem, and if you doubt, ask yourself to clarify. These will help you make concrete and clear decisions.
  • Know how to interpret the body language of others. The words do not always coincide with what the body says, the look, or the gestures. These can work against you.
  • Know what things cause you stress. It will help you avoid those sudden emotions that can frustrate your day or your work.

Don’t forget the objectives to be achieved, the tasks to be made out, also the roles and functions to be performed. Learning to believe in yourself and your potential is essential. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will do it for you.

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